Monkey Likes Shiny

I’ve had the pleasure to recently meet & spend some time with Jeff Tiedeken of Monkey Likes Shiny. Jeff’s an Aerospace Welder (and self-proclaimed Party Animal). I can’t vouch for the party animal bit, but when Jeff’s not working on top-secret projects for NASA, he builds custom bikes — human powered and otherwise — and other concepts.

Jeff’s Gravity Speed Bike was recently written up by Wired Magazine, and he’s fabricated both on- and off-screen for Discovery Channel (among other things). Here’s hoping I can etch out a little time from Monkey Likes Shiny’s busy schedule, to get some custom camera rigging made by Jeff’s super-talented hands. ;-)

His shop isn’t fully outfitted yet, but you can poke around and see what Jeff’s working on in the 360° virtual tour below… Enjoy! :-)