Selected Projects

Starbucks Corporation: Pike Place Roast campaign

Starbucks presents a virtual tour of their first location in Pike Place Market and introduced a new roast with Patrick Cheatham’s 360° photography! (more…)

360° of The Bund, Shanghai

Shanghai, December 2010: Even in the rain, Shanghai makes for an impressive scene. This was photographed during some downtime while in Shanghai; The 360° virtual tour project for Client in Shanghai is forthcoming!

Bone Clones, Inc.

360° Rotational Product Photography (Object VR) & Interactive Presentation: Patrick Cheatham photographed 32 fossil hominid casts in 360° on two axes, and designed & scripted a complex Flash delivery for the Bone Clones Fossil Hominid Rotational Series. (more…)

Concert Hall at San Francisco Conservatory of Music

The Virtual Tour Photography project at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music had a wonderful by-product: Print!

Flipside Studio / Shure Incorporated (X2u)

360° Rotational Product Photography Interactive Presentation: Local agency Flipside Studio needed a custom Flash player for their 360° photography of the X2u, a new product offered by end client Shure. (more…)

Jones Lang LaSalle: Network Drive

Flash-based 360° Virtual Tour delivery: Working with Jones Lang LaSalle’s Interactive Design team, Patrick Cheatham scripted and implemented the virtual tour of Network Drive at Northwest Park in Burlington, Massachusetts. (more…)

Grant, Scott & Hurley: Noah’s Bagels

360° Rotational Product Photography by Patrick Cheatham is the backbone of an interactive menu at! (more…)

Flipside Studio: Pioneer Electronics / Oreck Direct

360° Rotational Product Interactive Presentation: Patrick Cheatham/CheathamLane continues making things spin for Flipside with Flash presentations for products offered by end clients Pioneer Electronics and Oreck. (more…)