Selected Projects

Alcatraz in 360° for The Daily iPad app

From The Daily article, January 14 2012:

The cast of J.J. Abrams‘ new Fox drama, “Alcatraz,” feted the show ahead of its Monday night premiere in the most appropriate venue earlier this week: right on The Rock itself.

Along with Daily journalist Soo Youn (and scores of other photographers, reporters and lucky invite-only attendees) I went to Alcatraz Island for the premiere party of creepy new drama “Alcatraz”. The ferry ride over was during an almost perfect sunset, and San Francisco looked just about as jewel-like as could be, seen from the Island.


360° of Nissan’s new 2012 Versa Sedan

Nissan is celebrating the legroom and headroom of their new 2012 Versa Sedan with an innovative, immersive multi-platform experience! Seen and heard across TV, radio, the Web, in print, and via the iAd platform they showcase the interior (and colorful characters) & exterior in multiple creative ways — most notably with 360° photography! :-) The Nissan Versa 360° iAd showcases the first use of iPhone’s gyro capabilities (to great effect, I think ;-) ). And the hits keep on coming — My 360° photography work for the Nissan Versa iPad Experience is part of FWA’s Mobile site of the day!

I’m honored to be able to work with Nissan and their agency TBWA\Chiat\Day (Los Angeles); I provided all 360° photography for the interactive & iAd gyro portions of the 2012 Versa “Most _____ per dollar” campaign. The 360° lifestyle photo shoots –from concept to test to multiple takes on the final day– were challenging and rewarding. (more…)

Shanghai Autumn Light: Virtual Tour

Shanghai Autumn Light Enterprises in Shanghai, China, produces wax products (candles), metalware, and bags & cases. The cordial, hospitable folk at SHA-AL hired me to document their industrial campus with 360° interactive panoramas — and then produce a virtual tour for them, viewable on the desktop and on iPad/iPhone.

While shooting, Shanghai’s first big snowfall of the year started coming down — lending a sense of urgency to an already compressed production on location: 18 360° panoramas in one day (with a shot list made on-site and without scouting). The results are great (and, I’m sure, in no small part due to SHA-AL feeding their photographer really well while he was there)! (more…)

Starbucks Corporation: Pike Place Roast campaign

Starbucks presents a virtual tour of their first location in Pike Place Market and introduced a new roast with Patrick Cheatham’s 360° photography! (more…)

360° of The Bund, Shanghai

Shanghai, December 2010: Even in the rain, Shanghai makes for an impressive scene. This was photographed during some downtime while in Shanghai… Check out the interactive 360° panorama below: Pan around The Bund view, and check out the architecture, people strolling along, and possibly the tallest building in the world.

Update: The 360° virtual tour project for Shanghai Autumn Light is online!

Bone Clones, Inc.

360° Rotational Product Photography (Object VR) & Interactive Presentation: Patrick Cheatham photographed 32 fossil hominid casts in 360° on two axes, and designed & scripted a complex Flash delivery for the Bone Clones Fossil Hominid Rotational Series. (more…)

Concert Hall at San Francisco Conservatory of Music

The Virtual Tour Photography project at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music had a wonderful by-product: Print!

Flipside Studio / Shure Incorporated (X2u)

360° Rotational Product Photography Interactive Presentation: Local agency Flipside Studio needed a custom Flash player for their 360° photography of the X2u, a new product offered by end client Shure. (more…)

Jones Lang LaSalle: Network Drive

Flash-based 360° Virtual Tour delivery: Working with Jones Lang LaSalle’s Interactive Design team, Patrick Cheatham scripted and implemented the virtual tour of Network Drive at Northwest Park in Burlington, Massachusetts. (more…)

Grant, Scott & Hurley: Noah’s Bagels

360° Rotational Product Photography by Patrick Cheatham is the backbone of an interactive menu at! (more…)