Alcatraz in 360° for The Daily iPad app

From The Daily article, January 14 2012:

The cast of J.J. Abrams‘ new Fox drama, “Alcatraz,” feted the show ahead of its Monday night premiere in the most appropriate venue earlier this week: right on The Rock itself.

Along with Daily journalist Soo Youn (and scores of other photographers, reporters and lucky invite-only attendees) I went to Alcatraz Island for the premiere party of creepy new drama “Alcatraz”. The ferry ride over was during an almost perfect sunset, and San Francisco looked just about as jewel-like as could be, seen from the Island.

The Daily had asked me to capture the red carpet, party and screening for them for The Daily’s iPad app. I got to rub shoulders with Sam Neill, Sarah Jones & Jorge Garcia — plus nom on some great catering. ;-) All folks involved were gracious, and excited about the upcoming show.

At hand, too, was an actual ex-resident of Alcatraz — originally sent up for bank robbery, he was moved onto Alcatraz Island after an attempted escape.

See below for a 360° interactive panorama of the screening room in notorious Cell Block D at Alcatraz… Otherwise known as “The Hole”. It’s not too creepy… At least not as a visitor. ;-) That’s Jorge Garcia up on the screen!

From what I hear, you can watch Alcatraz on Monday nights. Enjoy!