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Starbucks Corporation: Pike Place Roast campaign

Starbucks presents a virtual tour of their first location in Pike Place Market and introduced a new roast with Patrick Cheatham’s 360° photography!

In a Nutshell:
The photo shoot took place after hours and late into the night. Starbucks’ talent removed all then-current product & signage from the store, then replaced it with the upcoming product & signage. Said talent remained on-site to pose and look snappy for the photography.

While the storefront was being dismantled, I set up some under counter lights (many, many LED discs and strips). Working with Starbucks’ Art Director I took test shots for lighting and placement. Once shooting was complete, the Starbucks team performed the same process in reverse and the store was ready to go for the next morning!

Enjoy the 360° interactive experience below, and farther down you can check out the slideshow of stills from Starbucks’ presentation at their site.